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Malifool's Day VI tournament - 25.3.2017.
Stranica: 1/1.

Autor/ica:  Demonn Ournebb'es Athor [ čet, ožu 09.03.2017 • 6:32 am ]
Naslov:  Malifool's Day VI tournament - 25.3.2017.

UMS "Agram" invites you to our sixth annual Malifool's Day Malifaux Tournament!

UMS "Agram"
MO "Cvjetni trg"
Prolaz s.Bakovic 3/1
Zagreb, Croatia


unlimited pool, fixed faction
50SS crews
Generalship - TP - (0-9pts):
win - 3 pts
draw - 1 pts
defeat - 0 pts
tiebreaker is the number of VP.

Strategies and Deployment from Gaining Grounds 2017, April-June Rotation. Schemes will be provided by the TO at the start of the tournament

Painting (0-4,5pts):
bases - 0,5pt (flock), 1pts (detailed)
painting - 1,5pts (3 colours), 2pts (drybrush), 2,5pts (shading, layering etc..)
overall (all figures painted by the player!) - 0,5pt (neat and precise, wysiwyg), 1pt (extra details and/or conversions)

extra 1 point for using a crew never before used
extra 2 points for using a fully painted crew never before used

for more info, contact me through PM!!

9:00 AM coffee at Golf bar
9:30 AM registrations
10:00 -17:30 Game 1-3 plus lunch break
17:30 - 18:00 awards ceremony


Stranica: 1/1. Vremenska zona: UTC+01:00
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