Diddl Diorama – part 1

Marko Paunović, 15th November 2021

In this article, I will describe making a base for probably the dumbest figure I’ve done in recent years - a Diddl mouse driving a car. I will use HD styrofoam, plaster, sand (two granulations), PVA glue, pins and palm trees. As for the tools, there will be drills (pin vice and mini electric Proxxon), scalpel, pliers, candle. So let's go…

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I made the base on two levels from HD styrofoam. I carefully cut it with a scalpel and carved the texture of the rock.

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The miniature of Diddl in the car is actually a pencil extension and between the wheels it had some bump with a pencil hole. I didn’t like that part and it actually prevented the placement of the car on the base so I decided to remove it. I decided that the fastest way would be to use Proxxon drill with a mill. Unfortunately, I didn’t find an adequate mill bit so I used a regular 3mm drill bit. It served its purpose.

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To give the HD styrofoam strength, I decided to cover the e...

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Painting White – Tabletop Quality

Dalibor Čavić, 15th November 2021

In this short text, I will explain the quick painting of a white uniform.

White parts of the uniform should be basecoated white.

When the white paint dries, coat it with Citadel Contrast Paint Apothecary White.

Watch out for “pooling”. While it is not yet dry, remove the excess Apothecary White from the creases and dents with a clean brush.

In the end, make the highlights white.

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TOP TIP: Put some satin varnish into the white to prevent it from becoming chalky when dry.

How to build a display base for two WH Underworlds warbands

Jure Cukar, 15th November 2021

After painting two warbands for Warhammer Underworlds, I wanted to merge them into a diorama that would be nicer to expose than just a single warband, and at the same time, since they are active player models, allow them to take and return to that location without a problem. Therefore the base I will be working on at the same time is the display base - The Grymwatch vs Starblood Stalkers.

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There was a large base from Bucomodelbases that I got as a prize at this year's Black Queen that I didn’t know for a long time what content to fill it with and how to use and now it has proven to be perfect for this project. On it, I put together models and sketched what I wanted my scene to look like, and when I was satisfied, I started thinking about how to realize it.

First I sketched the model layout on paper. I also drew elevations that I thought would contribute to the dynamics of the scene itself.

The realization could go in hundreds of directions using a large selectio...

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Agram Group Build Project #1 (part 8)

Krunoslav Belinić, 11th November 2021

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In this series of articles, we will follow our Goran, Kruno and Marko in the making of a diorama set in New York / Gotham in the mid-1980s. Diorama is being built as part of a new UMS "Agram" project called Agram Group Build, which was created after the trio discussed joint projects to be done on Wednesdays and how cool it would be to gather more people to work on something together… This gave birth to the idea of Group Builds... The idea is for everyone to do something on each of these three projects - the main rule (except that there are no rules) is not to mess with other people's work. That we all participate and make some kind of Frankenstein monster ...

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KRUNO: This week’s meeting started in a steampunk atmosphere. In the comfortable armchair of the cafe with a cup of hot green tea and not very pleasant mechanical humming and whining of the powerful air conditioner. We then went to the premises and prepared the workshop space in accordance with the epidemio...

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Making a Sci-Fi Drone

Ana Polanšćak, 10th November 2021

To make a drone, you first need the basic shape of a ball. I used a widget in this case. It is a hollow plastic ball with a diameter of 30mm that can be found in cans of certain beer brands. The widget is handy for this purpose because it is plastic, and already has a few details on the surface.

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To achieve the look of a sci-fi device, we will cover the smooth surface of the ball with details that will make the look of our drone more complex and thus more visually attractive. This process is called greebling. The first details I added were paper circles - waste from an office paper drill.

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The next step is rectangles cut out of hard paper and glued to the ball with PVA glue.

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Nail decorations are a great source of details and parts for making models. I chose thin sheet metal shapes and attached them with superglue. They need to be bent slightly to follow the curvature of the widget.

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The following details come from the world of fishing. The...

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How to Paint an Ork Shaman

Dalibor Čavić, 7th November 2021

Ever since I saw the excellent Youtube tutorial Sorasto’r Painting on painting the Marvel Hulk I have had a great desire to paint one. That's why I got this miniature from Atomic Mass Games. Since its price was not small (approximately £ 26) I did not dare to practice painting green skin on it.

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And so the Hulk stood (and still stands) unpainted for ten months until somehow at the same time the 2021 Winter Painting Competition with the theme Orktober and free STL with a miniature of Dagor Shaman High Craft Miniatures appeared. As a friend printed out a miniature for me, it was a great opportunity to make an entry for the WPC and try my luck at painting green skin.

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The painting was pretty straightforward. I painted part by part… leather, pants, belts… But let's go from the start. The usual preparation included an example and the removal of any remnants of supports from printing. Then something that is not a real zenithal highlight, but I like to do it before p...

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